Episode List

This list contains every film and television episode I own on physical media. I have neither cable television nor a subscription to a streaming service, but I do have over six years of normal viewing here.

Idiosyncratic, and often arbitrary, decisions abound here. I categorised films the way I felt like. Sorting by episode names ignores articles, as you might expect, but also ignores most anything that would otherwise result in too large a batch of the same series appearing together. For instance, check episodes of Scrubs or Day Break, or Simpsons episodes with character names in the title.

The episodes can be sorted in different ways.

  • Title – Sorts by film title or TV episode name, ignoring articles.
  • Length – Sorts by the length of the full title.
  • Airdate – Sorts by the date of the original broadcast or release.
  • Random – Shuffles the list. Press again to get a new viewing order.
  • Calendar – Sorts by the day of the year the episode first aired.
  • Wallet – Sorts by the location in my collection. Unless you’re in my house, this won’t help you much.
  • Default – Groups TV series set in the same universe together.

Episodes of Stuff I’ve Got

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